Christmas Prep

Christmas Prep

I thought it was time for a blog post that wasn’t about my babies for once (don’t worry, I’m sure it’s just a one off) and I wondered if you might find it interesting to hear about all the prep going on behind the scenes ready for Christmas 2018.

You might not be interested to be fair, in which case feel free to switch back to one of my ever-so-pithy parenting observations.


So, Christmas.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


And sometimes it’s the most crazed-lunatic-running-around-like-a-manic-and-shouting-an-awful-lot time of the year.


I have decided that this year, it’s all in the prep and I’m hoping that by doing this prep it will help me to find a little balance and my inner-zen. Last year in October I had just launched the company (6th October 2017) and we had just a few hundred followers on Instagram and at the time I literally could not believe the amount of Christmas orders coming in! Whilst you don’t want to assume how business will be, this time I want to be more ready because;

  1. I am no longer on maternity leave
  2. There are lot more of you lovely customers and followers 🙂
  3. There is a lot of other stuff going on in my life so essentially my time for MR is somewhat squeeeeeeezed
  4. I actually really like Christmas and do not want to be a crazy shouty mama mess for the whole of December
  5. I need full focus and time in order to prepare myself mentally for the first school nativity at which I will most likely be an emotional wreck /embarrassment to my family. Let’s be honest, this will happen regardless of how busy we are to be fair.


So these are the things that have been whizzing around my head for the last few weeks:


Christmas Dates

October 4/11/18/25 – New Autumn & Winter Prints released throughout the month

November 11th –Deadline for your Christmas orders

November 15/16/17th – Wealden Times Christmas Fair (people will also be able to place orders at the fair if sizes are not available)

November 11th – December 16th– Gift Voucher purchasing only

December 16th – Gift Voucher cut off



So, some of you may have seen me trying to nail these on my insta feed and my stories and I’m just not quite there yet. The adult ones are done (woohoo!) but the children’s ones are just not there – no one wants to fight jumpers over their kids heads (!) so more work needs to be done. As soon as I can I will get these online – promise promise. I’ve never put myself out there as an expert, I’ve been sewing less than a year with no formal training so I feel like I am winging it on a daily basis- seeking advice from the pros when I need it and just working through things. Feedback from friends and testers is invaluable and always taken on board so I’m going to keep at these until they’re perfect.  I’m sure it’ll come together at some point in October ready for all your Christmas ordering. She says.  Keep your fingers crossed! As soon as they are ready, they will be uploaded as one listing for Adults and one for babies/Children with a drop down menu for all the prints and colours.


New Fabrics

  1. Twilight Swan Feathers (a gorgeous midnight blue)
  2. Splash! (In both Burgundy and Dusty pink which is just swooooooon)
  3. Stars (In both Grey and Petrol/Teal – perfect unisex wardrobe staples)
  4. Snow fall in Grey (Festive without being tooooooo festive if you know what I mean!)
  5. Plus a Christmas surprise


I am planning to release all of new prints throughout October (usually on Fridays but they might just be ad hoc depending on when things arrive and lets be honest, when I have time to upload things. Realistically I’m not going to have time for beautiful photography of every new print but we will do what we can and I’m hoping you guys will forgive me if iphone snaps and fabric swatches are all I can achieve!


Gift Vouchers

These will be available soon on the website! Watch this space – but it’ll be a lovely little voucher in a presentation gift box – perfect for last minute gift purchasing and for people who will want to choose their own prints. Also perfect for Daddies to spoil their MR-fan partners – so put them on your lists for Santa ladies!


Hop Farm – Wealden Times Fair

After the success of the Hythe festival in August, I have decided to be bold and take a stall at the Wealden Times Christmas fair in November! Apparently is a festive wonderland of handmade and high quality local goodies so I’m excited to be a part of it even though I am going to be a massive novice in comparison to all the pros there. The cost of the stand is a massive risk and quite frankly terrifying (as is the prospect of getting stock ready for it!) but hey you gotta be bold right? Insert terrified emoji here.  Need to make ALL the stock, buy all the little extras for my display and come up with a stand build too. Christ what the f am I doing fannying about blogging?!



So as always I am sure it’ll be a family affair – I’ve told my Mum and Godmother they are not allowed to go anywhere in October or November. Seriously Mum/Di/Emma- don’t even think about it. And I also still have the awesome Nicola working for Team MR a few days a week who is an absolute pro at bashing out the orders thank goodness. I’ve also been chatting with another wonderful seamstress who is happy to help should we need an extra pair of hands (and foot haha). So I’m hoping that between us, and my husband schlepping to the post office every five minutes (love yoooouuuuu) we should make it.


My own mental & physical health

This is important because I have struggled to keep my head above water in the last month with the increase in orders (you’re AWESOME) doing my first craft fair, Alfie starting school, my PR work and family stuff. I have had tears and tantrums and cold-sores and just a glimmer of my old anxiety creeping in – which happens now and again when I am seriously run down. It is all my doing and only me that can control it so I am trying to do every bit of prep possible to ensure we all get through the festive season unscathed. Mint Rainbow is just incredible and so rewarding but I have never worked so hard in my entire life, and there is so much going on with us in addition to work that sometimes, it can get too much.  So this year I am setting and sticking to my deadlines, paying for staff support even if it means a big old dent in my profit and doing only as much as I physically can around my babies who 100% come first. Feel free to remind me of this in a month please!


So that’s just a little summary of where I’m at, what to expect from MR Christmas 2018 and me putting a public commitment pen to paper (keyboard to screen?) that I WILL NOT LET CHRISTMAS TAKE MY SOUL.


Right, I should probably crack on and actually do some of this prep now instead of just blogging about it huh?

Have a great week everyone!


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