Feeling a little crazy…

Feeling a little crazy…

Happy Friday team MR!

Right, here’s another post from 2014 whilst I build up ammunition for my next brand new post (though to be fair, as some of you might have seen on my stories this week, Tuesday’s parenting escapades could have covered an entire dedicated post entitled ‘Losing my shit’ or ‘Tears, tantrums & Teeth’ or even ‘Pond dipping; its not for everyone’).

Anyway I digress.

This is just a little something I wrote when Alfie was around 3 months old about how ever-so-slightly insane I was feeling and how this was coming out in my day to day behaviour.

Reading this really made me smile so I’ve added in my 2018 notes alongside it 🙂




Crazy Behaviour

So, here goes with the 10 most ridiculous things I have noticed myself doing since baby T arrived:


1. Narrating my every mundane move in song -“I’m going to take you downstairs!” “I’m going to make a cup of tea la la la!” “I’m going slowly insane through the medium of song!” You know, that type of thing.

2018 NB: Ahhh I weirdly miss this manic behaviour – I don’t do it anymore because I’m too busy screaming “Alfie, put your shoes on” over and over (and over) again.


2. Eating every single meal in about 60 seconds flat because

A) he’s crying Or B) he might start crying again soon

Alternatives of course are eating one-handed or being fed – both also regular occurrences.

2018 NB: I feel this is an appropriate point to mention that when Evie was about three months old, I was bathing her and really trying to get into the chubby neck folds and I found…wait for it….a sesame seed. I hadn’t had a stir fry for about a month at that point, poor kids. Basically in the early stages I spend most feeds just picking noodles and brownie crumbs out of her hair.


3. Massively overusing ‘Daddy’ in every sentence for the sheer novelty and ahhhh factor.

2018: More likely to be found passive aggressively saying things like “Well if Daddy would stop mowing the lawn, we might make it to swimming on time.” Love swimming, as I said. Only thing I love more than swimming is being late for swimming.


4. Singing random pop songs to my baby as I have realised that I don’t know a single lullaby or nursery rhyme – except for old macdonald had a farm (and even then I think I’m including far too many exotic animals on that farm than were originally intended).

2018 NB: This is no longer an issue as now I am so well versed in children’s rhyme and song I could start a library group.


5. The bedtime arms-to-cot transfer dance: slowly get off the bed clutching baby tight to chest. Tiptoe to the cot. Wildly lean over the cot and attempt to transfer into it while still retaining chest contact. Hear a sound/flinch and quickly pull him back into arms. Lower again and hold breath waiting to see if transfer was successful. Tiptoe back to bed and continue not to breathe for up to 5 minutes. Repeat steps 1-5.

2018 NB: Evie’s cot dance was ever so slightly different and involved a lie down feed (WHY did I not perfect this with Alfie?! Evie and I spend about 9 months just lying down cuddling.  Best ever.) Anyway, this sleepy feed was then followed by a transfer where she kind of hung over Marks arm like a sloth. See photo.



6. Seeing heavily pregnant women in the street and rather than cooing as I always used to, I realise I am thinking ‘oh poor you, shit’s about to get real.’

2018 NB: Ahhh I do feel SO differently about this now that I’ve got my Mum shit together (kind of). Now I just glance over at my gang and think – lets have ALL the babies!!


7. Eating EVERYTHING in sight because “it’s fine, I’m breast feeding.” Ummmm I don’t think the baby needs 3 slices of cake, just sayin.

2018 NB: Yep spent a year eating all the cake again, and am definitely paying for it now haha.


8. Crying: Adverts. Doctors appointments. The news. Britain’s got talent. Random conversations. (Will I ever stop?!)

2018 NB: No, no I did not ever stop.


9. Not caring that there is sick in my hair. Sick. As in, sick. Yep that’s right, still nothing.

2018 NB: Evie was not a sicky baby and bloody hell that is really a LOT easier, right? Sending strength to mamas with reflux babies.


10. Almost getting seduced into taking the advice of a variety of parenting sites – for example, I actually read ‘the 20 steps to ensuring the safety of stuffed animals for babies.’ Yes, there were 20 steps. I’ll never get that 10 minutes of my life back.

2018 NB: I signed up to the NHS Start4Life monthly emails and these are really the only developmental/safety advice things I read now because I feel like I’m in a position where I can make the right call as to the safety of a cuddly rabbit.


So if you’re feeling a little crazy right now don’t panic – just embrace it, you’re not alone, we’re all sent absolutely crackers by the arrival of our precious darlings 🙂

Until next time.


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